Retail Stores Vanishing due to Online Shopping! are You a Prepared Shopper?

So, you want to buy something that you have been saving up for, seems simple enough right?

First you try going local for your purchase, however you have trouble finding what you’re looking for due to the local stores carrying less inventory on their shelves or the store that you would have normally gone to has it is out of business altogether, then you turn to the Internet and find what you think will be the best fit for your needs and wants.

Most of us are very hands on when it comes to purchasing – we like to see, touch, and get a preview what the experience would be like to own that product we’re seeking.
You see we, here at Product Advancements (ProdMents), have a corporate retail background and understand that journey of leading a customer to that special item that meets their unique needs and desires.

If you would have asked us years ago if it was possible that so many big box retailers would go out of businesses due to the Internet we would have said “in your dreams”.

While the Internet has opened the doors for more new products with cheaper options it has also, in some ways, made things more complex and confusing to consumers.

After purchasing your product from an online retailer and receiving it, you are deeply disappointed or it ends up being not what you expected at all. You plan on returning it however life gets in the way and once you get around to going through the return process it turns out that the allotted time period for the return has expired.

You end up throwing your purchase in the trash or stockpiling them around your home. You hope that one day it will magically fix itself or become what you were looking for in the first place. However, the cold, hard truth is you never end up trying to use the item again and it just becomes another permanent fixture in your home and makes you look like a hoarder to all your friends and family. The main point to think about is how much of your hard-earned cash and time are you wasting by not getting the right product for you that is going to last.

Now I’m not saying that you will be able to ensure 100% of your purchases will be the Holy Grail products that you have been seeking, however you can certainly get closer to making better buying choices with products and with retailers.

We run into people all the time that have no clue how to shop smarter locally or online. By becoming a savvier shopper, in the long run you will save money and find better buys.

These days a lot of products have become disposable and you need to know which products you should sink some money into and purchase the middle-to-upper product lines or just go with the base model because it will do everything you need it to do and will save you some money. On some products it does not matter if you buy entry level or top of the line, the item will become obsolete in just a short period of time anyhow so why not save some dough and purchase the base model.

While consumer advocacy groups and publications are a great starting point to begin your product research, there is no way they can review every product on the market today. As for consumer ratings and reviews they help as well but every consumer is different and we all have differing expectations about what a product or service should be or do for us.

A consumer’s goal is simple. Find best buy products at the best price that that provides you with the most value and if possible take advantage of any discounts.
Remember a best buy for you may not be a best buy for someone else or vice versa. Best buy has to do with finding the right product, with the right features to fit your needs with a reputable reputation for being a great brand or product.

Best price or value is going to be dependent on the final out-the-door price, including any tax plus shipping. Value also depends on the longevity of a product. If you have a product stop functioning after a short period of time then obviously that product did not provide the best value no matter what the best price was.

Discounts are great, however online and local retailers are handing out discounts less and less these days especially if it is a subscription product, or a product that has very little competition. Sometimes you just have to stick with locating the best price and forgo looking for discounts. Otherwise you may be spending a lot of time hunting for a discount that is not available. As they say time is money and we believe in product research, however sometimes you just have to pull the trigger on your purchase, otherwise you will waste a lot of time trying to find those allusive discounts or promo codes.

So, speaking of time that is were we come into play. We are an organization that helps people research products and services. Our mission is to put as much valuable information in front of you the consumer so you are able to make better online buying choices.

We at Product Advancements (ProdMents) love researching and finding the best deals and merchandise available on the market. We work hard so you don’t have to and the best part of all is we don’t charge you a dime.

However, we do ask if you like what we are doing to please feel free to spread the word about us to all your friends and family and get involved in the Product Advancements community. We want to be able to provide our ProdMents Followers with the latest cutting-edge technology and tools to help you become a more thrifty and savvier online shopper.

If you become more informed about your online purchases due to our efforts then we have done our jobs and that is the best reward of all.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to serving you in the future.


The Product Advancements Team

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