Sennheiser HD Rechargeable Wireless Headphones for a Real Listening Experience

For about five years now we have been using and testing Sennheiser High Definition (HD) Wireless Headphones. If you are looking for a wireless headphone option that provides an impeccable listening experience then look no further! These are what you want!

Whether you are looking for a musical application or a wireless home theater experience these are it. They are also great for electric guitar jam sessions or throw them on with your electronic drum set and start wailing away because they can handle it. Whether you’re a DJ or Sound Producer you will be pleased with these puppies.

We first purchased these Sennheiser headphones to be used at night because our main home theater speaker system had to be turned up loud enough to hear conversations on tv, but would also wake up the whole house. Due to the Sweet! sound quality of Sennheiser headphones these have almost become the preferred listening device, especially at night. That’s saying a lot when we prefer these headphones instead our surround sound home theater system. 

If you care about being mobile and not tied down to wires in addition to a premium sound then Sennheiser HD Wireless Headphones is highly recommended. For anyone living in an apartment, condo, townhome, or staying at hotels, or just need to be quiet while watching TV then these are perfect for you. Most TV or listening devices have headphone outputs or optical outputs that the Sennheiser base unit of these headphone will easily plug in to. 

I think besides the sound quality what has surprised us most about these headphones is the range that they have when walking around the house. Depending on where the base transmitter is located in your listening area, we have even been able to use these outside the house as well. While these work on a different frequency than Bluetooth Technology they give you that crystal clear sound that you would expect from a digital signal. Bluetooth has a very limited signal throw, more than likely because the technology is used in cell phones and smart phones and is regulated by the FCC because of that fact.

Most of the Sennheiser models have sound boosting features like Bass Boost and Surround Sound Mode that can be toggled on or off from the base transmitter or the Sennheiser headphones themselves. Also, the volume can be adjusted from the headphones as well. So, if you are not close to the tv or the remote control you can still have control of the volume.

Out of the box the Sennheiser headphones are very lightweight, considering most models are a full-sized over the ear wireless headphone. They are also very comfortable, even during long periods of listening sessions.

Most of the Sennheiser Wireless Headphones have noise canceling technology built right in, so this is also a nice feature to not have to turn the headphone’s volume up so high in noisy environments and take a chance damaging your hearing.

Battery life has been good, however it also depends on how far away from the base transmitter the headphones are and the volume level the listener enjoys their premium audio. So, if the headphones are primarily being used far away from the transmitter or through walls then the battery life will be less. Also jamming out at a higher volume will shorten the battery life quickly and you will have to put it on the charger more often.

One of the coolest options of the Sennheiser Wireless Headphone Systems is you are able to pair or sync up multiple headphones a Sennheiser base transmitter to allow multiple listeners. This feature is great for couples or small band practice sessions.

Sennheiser HD Rechargeable Wireless Headphones

ProdMents’ Helpful Tips:

Pay attention to what technology of the Sennheiser Model that hooks up to your tv or amplifier (i.e. headphone jack or optical output) and make sure your devices have these connections as well. Some stereo amplifiers can’t take a digital signal and downgrade it to run through an analog connection. 

While the rechargeable batteries last for years be prepared to replace them after several years of listening enjoyment. They aren’t that expensive however it is something you should pay attention to if you start having pairing issues or the batteries just don’t give you as much play time as they use to.

If your Sennheiser headphones become unpaired or will not stay paired to the Sennheiser base transmitter please refer to the owner’s manual for re-pairing or syncing instructions.

Inspect the connection wires from the tv or amplifier to the base transmitter unit and the powered supply every once in a while, to ensure you don’t have any breaks, shorts, or tears in the wire that would hinder a great signal. Ensure the power supply is secured to the wall outlet and the base transmitter unit at all times.

If you are not receiving the listing area range you are looking for out of your headphones then try moving the base transmitter to another location. Typically, the higher vertically the base transmitter is in a room the better the signal will be and less things that will get in the signal’s way. If you want to use them outdoors then placing the Sennheiser base unit near a window that can be opened will ensure even more range for a greater listening experience. Insulated or exterior walls will also weaken a signal even more than non-insulated walls.

If your headphones’ padding feels uncomfortable or you use them so much that they get worn out, you can find replacement padding that is made out of different materials for your listening comfort.

The volume of your media acts as a signal to control the headphones, so you may have to play around with the source volume and the headphone’s volume to receive the best premium sound quality.

While the Sennheiser Wireless Headphones and Sennheiser Base Transmitter are constructed of high-quality materials and should provide you a long lifespan of listening pleasure please store them out of the reach of pets, children, and liquids.

So, to sum up this high recommendation of the Sennheiser HD Wireless Headphones Product Line if you are seeking high-quality headphones that are extremely versatile, and mobile, then these are the right headphones for you.

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