PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Containment Systems the PetSafe PIF00-15001, PIF00-12917, & PIF-300

So, for many years now we have verbally been telling everyone about the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Containment System that we have been using with our dog.

This will be the first time we share our long-time experiences with the online world about this amazing technology.

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This is our dog Mika

If you have ever had the privilege of having a Siberian Husky as a family member than you know they are notorious for being an escape artist. Even during crate training to house break her, our baby managed to escape her crate several times.

Also, these dogs are born to run, even when she was a puppy neighbors always asked if she was ever allowed off her harness leash. We always laughed and said, ‘oh no she would be three counties over before we finally caught up to her if we did not have her on a leash’. 


One Christmas we almost lost her for good at my parent’s house, in the mountains of Virginia. Our dog had never been to the mountains before and one morning a deer was soaking up some early morning sun in the front yard. The front door was cracked open just a little and then BANG! Our dog ran out the door like a bolt of lightning after that deer. We’re not sure how far she chased the deer, but we went out to look for her for hours. We were worried that since she was young and didn’t know the terrain that she wouldn’t be able make it back home on her own. Luckily, she eventually found her way back to us, however from that point on we knew we had to find something that would contain her but allow her to feel free.

You see, our home was on a 1 acre lot with two creeks on the sides. We researched several options, but we knew that a buried wired invisible fence or in-ground fence with a remote collar would not work for us. We wanted to allow our dog to be able to go down to the creeks for water breaks during the summer plus we did not want to have to bury a wire all around a 1 acre property ourselves or pay out the nose to have a professional bury the wire. On top of that we always heard that once a dog gets out of a buried wired invisible fence that they can’t get back in because they are scared of getting corrected again. Then we came across a product claiming to be completely wireless – the PetSafe Wireless Containment System. Currently there are several systems to choose from the PetSafe PIF00-15001, PetSafe PIF00-12917, & PetSafe PIF-300

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At the time this PetSafe Wireless Fence was a lot more expensive, however it was worth trying it out for our baby girl. This invisible fence claimed to create a 360-degree forcefield around your home from the base unit, also known as a wireless transmitter.

So once the item arrived we read the instruction manual and watched the manufacturers’ supplied training video. You can also use this system with multiple dogs – you just need one base unit and one PetSafe Wireless Collar for each dog. It was not that hard to set up and we were in training mode with our puppy pretty much right away.

As a quick summary here is how to train your dog. First set up the base unit in a place in your house that is ideal for the area you would like the dog to be able to roam. If you want the dog to have more space in the back of the house then you would place the unit towards the back of the house, or left and right sides of the house. Then you sync the collar up and set the correction level to beep (sound only). Then go outside and while holding the collar in your hand, walk towards the perimeter of your yard while listening for the collar to beep. When you hear the beep you’ll know that’s the edge of the safe zone for your dog and put one of the training flags (supplied with the system) into the ground. There are several adjustment levels on your wireless transmitter that allow you to control how large, or small, of an area to make your dog’s outdoor play area. Also walk the wireless collar everywhere inside your house just to ensure that your pet will not be corrected inside your home while they might be taking in some domesticated comforts. Since the system is using wireless technology, much like your cell phone, it may have some slight trouble areas where the reception is less than great. We didn’t have any trouble in our home though.

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PetSafe Wireless Collars

Once you have your perimeter set and the collar is secured around your dog’s neck, then it is time to start training. Several times a day with the wireless collar set to beep mode walk your dog like normal, on a leash around the flagged perimeter. When you lead your dog past the flags, out of the perimeter you and the dog will hear the beeping correction. Walk your dog back into the perimeter (inside the flags) until the collar stops its beeping correction. Then reward the dog with praise and treats each time, do this several times during each training session. When you feel your dog understands what he/she should do then I would turn the correction up to level one so that he/she is not too surprised when corrected. Also, stay near your dog during this first live training experience.

Some dogs may only just need the beep sound as a correction full-time, however larger, more stubborn dogs may need higher levels of correction. I would start out with the lower correction levels and move up from there, if needed.

Now some people would argue that a corrective shock collar would be inhumane, however in our opinion it let our dog have her freedom instead of being tied up all the time. Also the wireless system saved her from getting hit by passing cars and going out of our yard when chasing after a car, a squirrel, or a child to play with.

Also, once your dog learns the boundaries of the perimeter they won’t get a correction very often, only when they’re stubborn enough to test the system. At that point the corrective action happens and instead of running after a squirrel our dog stopped dead in her tracks and ran back to the front porch. It was like a boomerang, it happened so fast!

The coolest feature of this product is that you can take this containment system anywhere. We have taken it to cabins in the mountains, beach houses, and yes even back to our parent’s house in the mountains where our dog was almost lost forever when running after that deer for miles.

So, if you have a large piece of property, or home that you are trying to provide freedom for your dog to enjoy you can also purchase multiple PetSafe base transmitter units and wireless collars as well.  Adding another base transmitter will provide additional area for your dog to roam.

What has surprised us the most about this product is how long we have been able to use it. While some of the accessory parts we have had to replace over a 10 year span the base unit has done well and still working well today. We feel confident that any of the following wireless systems will fit your needs PetSafe PIF00-15001 Free to Roam Wireless Fence, PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay + Play Wireless Fence, and the PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Pet Containment System.

ProdMents’ Tips

Elevation does play a role in how and when the wireless collar gives the correction, so if you have a multi-level home or your property is on a hill you will have to play around with the settings and do a little more testing. Again more PetSafe base transmitters can be added to the system to help with any elevation issues.  

Make sure the base unit or transmitter is plugged in wall at all times. If the plug is not all the way in the outlet it can create an electrical short that will correct the dog even if he or she is in the designated play area. Power outages, or if the unit completely becomes unplugged will not set off a correction, however the play area is no longer being secured.

The wireless collar that is on the dog receives a lot of abuse from the dog playing outdoors. Inspect the collar often to make sure it has all its pieces and is still able to prevent any water from getting into the water-resistant housing.

When the battery in the dog’s collar needs to be replaced a red light will blink for several days to let you know to replace the battery. While owning this system you may have to replace a collar simply due to the abuse the collar receives from the dog and the weather.

You can buy original OEM PetSafe batteries or try out some of the after-market batteries as well. After-market is a cheaper option, however you may find you will get less battery life out of each one. It’s just a matter of keeping track of when the batteries are replaced, because each dog and terrain will be different and affect the battery life differently.

The wireless collar can be taken apart, cleaned and even replace the fabric collar part, however please use the supplied tightening tool to snug the correction prongs back in place. Do not over tighten the prongs, as they will break.

We have used the PetSafe Technical Support over the years and they were nice and did a wonderful job helping us.

This invisible wireless fence has been a savior for our dog and family. We would have had a lot of problems over the years with our curious, energetic, stubborn, and wonderful Siberian Husky if it wasn’t for finding the PetSafe Wireless Containment System.

We hope our story helps your family and thank you for reading. If this post was helpful please Login or Create an Account and leave a positive comment or share your experiences with the PetSafe Products.

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The Product Advancements Team

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