Sennheiser HD Rechargeable Wireless Headphones for a Real Listening Experience

For about five years now we have been using and testing Sennheiser High Definition (HD) Wireless Headphones. If you are looking for a wireless headphone option that provides an impeccable listening experience then look no further! These are what you want! Whether you are looking for a musical application or a wireless home theater experience these are it. They are also great for electric guitar jam sessions or throw them on with your electronic drum set and start wailing away because they can handle it. Whether you’re a DJ or Sound Producer you will be pleased with these puppies.  (more…)

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Containment Systems the PetSafe PIF00-15001, PIF00-12917, & PIF-300

So, for many years now we have verbally been telling everyone about the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Containment System that we have been using with our dog. This will be the first time we share our long-time experiences with the online world about this amazing technology. [caption id="attachment_795" align="alignleft" width="337"] This is our dog Mika[/caption] If you have ever had the privilege of having a Siberian Husky as a family member than you know they are notorious for being an escape artist. Even during crate training to house break her, our baby managed to escape her crate several times. Also,…

Retail Stores Vanishing due to Online Shopping! are You a Prepared Shopper?

So, you want to buy something that you have been saving up for, seems simple enough right? First you try going local for your purchase, however you have trouble finding what you’re looking for due to the local stores carrying less inventory on their shelves or the store that you would have normally gone to has it is out of business altogether, then you turn to the Internet and find what you think will be the best fit for your needs and wants. Most of us are very hands on when it comes to purchasing - we like to see,…

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